Monday, February 10, 2020

Other Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Other - Assignment Example Macro decisions may be applied to save his or her life as the law allows. The macro decisions also reflect on the government decision on health related measures despite being controversial in majority of the counties. Secondly, law regulates is a regulatory strategy that is used in most instances like in statutory language which is used in authorizing payments for hospitals. In addition, they determine the kind of systems that are incorporated within the health care system, and which are beneficial to consumer health care. An example the system includes the Medicare regulated reimbursement that a health consumer is entitled to receive. Thirdly, the administrative procedure act which acts to clarify and direct different implementations with the health care centers and towards consumer health. The act is responsible for the numerous implementations like the Medicare and Medicaid that adds value to consumer health. In addition, the act ensures that laws for those who implement and those who are governed by the measures are effective and adhered to (Institute of Medicine (U.S.)., 2003). 2. Determine if there have been mergers or closing of hospitals in your area in the last several years (anywhere in the U.S) explain those closing/mergers in the context of the materials. In my area, hospitals are merging with the intent of increasing their productivity towards consumer health. This has caused us heavily because of the increased cost of Medicare services offered by this merged hospitals. However, it is noted that the merged hospitals provide quality care and increased savings as patients are correctly diagnosed and treated before their conditions worsens. Most hospitals in my area that have merged have done due to fear of not surviving independently. They believe that by merging, resources are pooled together thus quality of services offered at the merged center is improved. Thus, merging expands and increases the utilization of hospitals in my area by increasing th e diversity of the services offered. Most hospitals that are merging in my area are taken over by larger hospitals who posses the potential to improve the equipments and services offered by purchasing new products and employing more and qualified staff to serve patients suffering from different ailments (Kaplan, 2000). 3. Select a health care market and describe how it deviates from the perfectly competitive model and recommend policies that could repair the deviation(s) from completion you identified. The free health care market deviates from the perfectly competitive model due to the numerous government interventions. When the government interferes with the free health market then resources are not accurately allocated due to biasness. Some of its rules and regulations are also not conducive for perfectly competitive model because health resources are allocated optimally. The government in most cases deems a free health care market not to be suitable to an ideal health care system as it is not sufficient enough to allocate the health care resources adequately. To stop the government from interfering in the free health care market, I will recommend the free markets to form a law that determines the level to which they can allow the government to interfere in their activities. This is because the government does not create free markets, but they have the

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